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Amazon AWS Migration Services

AWS Migration Service

Our experts help in migrating databases to AWS in a quick and secure manner. It even supports homogenous migration like Oracle to Oracle and even heterogeneous migration like Oracle to amazon aurora etc.

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Our team also focuses on cloud solutions, cloud managed services and cloud consulting services on the AWS platform.

AWS Cloud Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely. the best AWS Server migration service provider globally.

In the 21st century, technology has become a necessity for our daily life. Both individual and firms rely on technology to accomplish simple tasks such as purchasing home utilities. Large enterprises which deal with huge chunks of data have graduated from saving data on portal devices to clouding saving technology.

Amazon migration services have made cloud data migration possible. This existing premises data can now be moved from one storage to another in increments, batches, and streams. Since data is the cornerstone of any successful cloud application deployment, Amazon has come up with a suite of tools that facilitate the smooth transfer of data via roads, various networks, and technology partners.

Cloud data migration is possible through two sets of tools. The first set is the unmanaged cloud data migration tools. These are easy methods of migrating small-scale data from your site into Amazon’s cloud storage. The unmanaged tools entail the Rsync, S3 and Glacier command line interfaces.

Customers use the rsync open source tool alongside third-party file storage tools to move data directly into S3 buckets. The S3 CLI facilitates the writing of commands during the migration process, while the Amazon Glacier CLI is used to migrate data into Glacier vaults.

The second set of tools offers a suite of multiple Amazon created migration services for effective data transfer. You can think about them in these two groups:

  • Replacing or optimizing the internet. This method is ideal for transferring large archives and data lakes. It also comes handy where data volumes and bandwidth are unrealistic.
  • Friendly interfaces to S3. If you are thinking of integrating S3 into your native applications, then this is the way to go. You will have your local backup and recovery processes linked to cloud storage.

Now that you are familiar with Cloud data migration let me walk you through the AWS Server Migration Service so that you can be able to move your firm’s workload to AWS. First, AWS Server Migration Service denoted as SMS is an agentless service that facilitates faster and easier migration of on-premises workloads to AWS. Further, AWS SMS gives you the liberty to schedule, automate and track incremental replications of live server volumes, thus easing coordination of large-scale sever transfers.

Getting started is quite easy, and requires few clicks via the AWS Migration Console. AWS SMS automatically replicates live server volumes to AWS and creates Amazon Machine Images (AMI) as per your requirement.

When it comes to controlling process, you only need to manage a customized replication schedule that you have designed for large-scale transfers, then keep track of the migration process.  For agility, performing faster migrations and bandwidth minimization are required. This is attained by migrating only incremental changes done to on-premises servers. What do you know about AWS Database Migration Service?

The AWS Database Migration Service assists you to quickly and securely move databases to AWS. Notably, the source database remains fully functional during the migration process. This ability to maintain the operating capacity reduces the downtime to applications that depend on the database. In addition, with AWS DMS, data can be moved to and from most widely used open-source and used commercial databases.

The AWS DMS allows homogenous migration such as Oracle to Oracle. The service also supports heterogeneous transfers between database platforms. For instance, Oracle to Amazon Aurora and Microsoft SQL server to MySQL. Using this service, you can stream data to Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3 from any supported sources. Some of the supported sources include PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MYSQL, MariaDB, SAP ASE, Oracle, and MongoDB.

Do you know that AWS Server Migration Service and AWS Data Migration Service are cost-effective? If not, then note this; AWS SMS is free to use. Users only required paying for the storage resources they use during the data transfer process. AWS SMS allows you to significantly minimize downtime through incremental server replication, supports most used databases, simple to use and reliable.

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