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Application Portfolio is designed as a framework meant for managing the IT software applications and other software-based services.  The application software services offered by Innobiz Solutions are meant for gaining a complete understanding of several applications. These are used by the organization in order to recognize the redundancies and minimize the overall budgetary costs. The role of Application Portfolio is helpful in taking the idea of investing, sustaining or replacing the application depending on the requirements of the business.

Application Portfolio is idealized to meet the challenges, including:

  • Exceeding the overall demand to upgrade the applications to the newer one.
  • Improve the performance that is hampered by the outdated applications.
  • Develop the business functions for smooth running.

Process of Application Portfolio

  1. Classification – Depending on the business functions, the current applications are classified into different sections.
  1. Measuring – Application Portfolio is useful for measuring the applications using metrics like cost, risk, usage and quality.
  1. Analyzing – The analyzing process depends on the metrics that has to be replaced, upgraded, returned or consolidated.
  1. Planning – For increasing your business, you have to make a proper plan and analyzing different supplication categories. This is helpful in appropriate investing, sustaining or replacing the applications.

Components of Application Portfolio

For proper functioning, you require several components for the working.

  • Application classification – This is the way of focusing on business applications and also makes use of functional modules. Also, it is intended for capturing the attributes taken from the referenced software model.
  • Applications Assessment Framework –The framework act as an indicator for accessing the application across numerous dimension like quality, risk, cost or user satisfaction.
  • Reports and Dashboards

It basically includes:

  1. Application Landscape Dashboard
  2. Application 360 Dashboard
  3. Application Assessment Dashboard
  4. Applications Rationalization Roadmap
  • Integration process – The procedure includes tracking the execution of numerous strategic goals and recommendation. Along with this it is also helpful in assessing the cost of application and breakdowns associated with it.

It is Innobiz Solutions who use many tools available in the market. These tools are helpful in supporting the applications of the company. We understand your company’s application portfolio and start the work likewise. The application portfolio that we offer has the ability to save the extra cost of the organization and indirectly make the money. Our experts work leveraging on the cost modeling, latest approach and modern research that helps in making a picture complete for application portfolio. We have an in-depth knowledge of the portfolio process that can result in the optimization of the cost along with the appropriate alignment for both business and corporate strategy.

We have a deep insight of the performance, cost and health of the applications, having proper control on strategies. This can reduce the underuse and overuse of the cost of the license.

We perform our work by:

  • Understanding the proper key metrics.
  • Improvise the visibility in business application landscape.
  • Make proper research.
  • Listen to the requirements of our clients.
  • Figure out the solutions of all related problems.