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We are leading Mobile Application Development Company in Chicago, USA. Our developers specialize in Android apps, iOS apps and iPhone apps for startups clients.

Today’s generation spends a lot of time on mobile phones. All of us love to browse different kinds of apps related to games, online shopping or knowledge. Many of the businesses own apps so that they can quickly respond to the clients. Hence, these apps have become an important tool for the business development.

Many surveys have shown that more than 80% users use smartphones. This percentage shows the increase growth in the mobile industry. We check our phone almost every 5 minutes. Most of the businesses are increasing their market share and revenue through mobile apps. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Mobile Apps Development.

  • Make your business visible to the clients : More than 80% mobile phone users use smartphones and use apps for shopping, games, productivity tool etc. Mobile apps can give business a boost by making your business more visible to your potential clients.
  • Helpful in creating a direct marketing channel : If you have an app, you can easily provide the information related to your product, price point, inventory, search, and news feed.  The mobile apps have become a must have for e-commerce companies to sell their products. The one of the best advantages of using these apps is to provide the information on the fingertips of the clients.
  • Ideal for offering value to the clients : It’s all about digitalizing the digitalizing the mobile phone. The new apps definitely attract many users and increase the business. The result of mobile apps development company in chicago is more and more downloads and more return from the customers.
  • Brand Recognition : The apps are helpful in creating your brand awareness. Apps act as a blank billboard sign on which you can do different kinds of thing. It’s up to you whether you want to make your app functional or informative.

Innobiz Solutions is known for innovative approach to the mobile application development. We put the emphasis on strategy formulation, which is the base for designing and creating applications. With the constant market research, we work towards meeting the requirements of our clients. We do not compromise on the quality and help you in increasing your business. We have become the platform for various leading companies.


1. Xcode  –The de rigueur iOS development tool is the free Xcode, Apple’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for both Mac and iOS apps. The graphical interface used to write apps, Xcode now includes everything needed to write code for iOS 8 with Apple’s Swift programming language.

2. Alcatraz – If you’re looking to add on to Xcode, try Alcatraz. It’s a package manager for Xcode that allows you to install additional plug-ins inside your IDE. Alcatraz is only available for OSX 10.9+ and Xcode 5+.

3. Mockingbird  –For the initial stage of development, the iOS development tool Mockingbird can help. The web-based wireframe application works like jotting down a napkin sketch, in that it lets you get your visual ideas onto a digital medium. The app also lets you create multiple pages to build your idea. You can change alignment, color, font size and font color, then share your sketch with others.

4. Marvel – Turn sketches into interactive prototypes with the Marvel app. Add paper sketches to the app from your camera, or from Dropbox or the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can even draw directly in the app. Then, add tappable hot spots to your images to link screens together with one of several transitions. Export your demo with a URL that can be installed as a web clip on a home screen.

5. Cocoa Controls – Cocoa Controls is a list of code for use in your iOS apps, including more than 1,000 libraries from the open source community. This resource can be a real time-saver.

6. Bjango – Bjango is a design aid that can save you time when using Photoshop. For example, with one click, you can resize canvases, scale by 50 to 200 percent, or set lighting to 90 degrees.

7. Dribble and 9. Capptivate – Dribble and Capptivate are two places to brainstorm designs. You’ll find inspiration galleries of other designers’ work. Some Capptivate designs include animation, too.

8. Sip – With Sip, you can select from 35 color formats and encode the colors on your screen. With Photoshop extensions and the capability to share color by email, Sip is a good way to collect, organize and share your colors.

9. Applyzer – Applyzer allows you to see how your applications rank among all of the iTunes stores around the world. Simply create a free account and add your application ID to see the rankings displayed.


Android Studio – The official IDE, based on the community-created IntelliJIDEA (see below).

Eclipse – Before Android Studio, this was the official Android development environment. Used to code Java but can be expanded to other languages via plugins, it is still a powerful tool.

IntelliJIDEA – Android Studio is based on this, and this IDE is not only extremely useful, but has a massive amount of community-created plugins, making it highly customisable.

DroidEdit – An Android text and code editor to use on Android platforms.

Android-IDE – A complete web and Android development environment, it also allows you to edit Java and PhoneGap apps. 

Cordova – Mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JS, its one of the best tools if you want to create hybrid apps. Free and open source.

Corona – A 2D-development platform with a specific focus on games but can be used to create other types of mobile apps too. One of the best for cross-platform development and 100% free.